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Writing Effective SALES Copy

Today we’re gonna be going over how to write effective copy for your ads your email marketing, your landing pages, your sales funnels all that different stuff. Copywriting is one of the most important factors when it comes to making money online.

Building funnels because it’s this it’s how you sell right it’s how you sell is how you tell your story so it’s it’s a really important skill you have to learn and actually know.

Now Im going to show you guys some of the key points that I use some of the tools I use some are free some are paid tools that use that really helped me when it comes to making different landing pages email marketing.

Doing webinar script all this different stuff so we’re gonna go ahead and hop into this computer here or actually that one. I welcome back guys so today we’re going to be talking about how to write effective copy for your ads landing pages and emails okay so there’s a couple tools all I use for this.

I want to give you guys these key points right here okay so first off whether it’s your headlines even like all of your copy and needs to catch attention okay people have such low retention rate online that your ads really need to catch the attention.

Really like stand out okay like be specific with your numbers your headline stuff like that kay so the next thing like I just said be specific okay so whether it’s like how to lose weight in 30 days or less okay so that specific number really helps when it comes to copywriting people just like specifics.

Okay so next thing you want to do is you want to know and understand your audience okay so knowing what they like what benefits is gonna be good for them what kind of doubts they have just really knowing and understanding what your audience is what their troubles are and how your product or whatever you’re selling I could be an affiliate product ooh what if you’re selling is gonna benefit them okay it’s gonna get rid of their problems that’s what you want to do for them right

So and then the next thing you want to do is look at two top competitors in the niche using Clickbank so we’ll get into that a second I have Clickbank pulled up but the next thing you want to do a last little point is keep the fluff out.

There’s so much fluff out there like just get straight to the point people no fluff so just keep the fluff out but let’s go ahead and go into two tools I use to actually solve this problem of you know not not knowing what to do for your for your copywriting rights so the first tool you want to use is..

Using ClickBank as reference

Clickbank okay Clickbank has one the some of the highest selling digital products ever okay so there’s a lot of these top products if they have a gravity score or C 149 a month that means they’re probably making at least $100,000 a month in revenue or probably more actually two hundred thousand a month.

I’m just on Clickbank homeless let’s just pick beauty and what you’re gonna wanna do is look at all different stuff okay so whatever you’re selling even if it’s in a product from clickbank still look at other competitors in this and see what they’re doing in case so let’s see bowels legs no more let’s see what this is so first off you want to see the gravity scores.

Hey so we got 20 right here so let’s just let’s just put gravity where it’s got me we can sort this anything like above 25 will do good so moneymaking let’s see make money giving away free makeup brushes makeup tutorials okay so get this $24 makeup brush free okay so it looks like they’re giving away this as a lead magnet.

So now you can see all their copy okay see exactly what they’re writing k they’ve tested this this person is doing let’s see gravity score forty they’re doing at least seventy thousand a month i can’t promise that for sure but I know that the estimated number is based off gravity score they’re making a lot of money okay so so you just want to look at all this different stuff okay it’s got futures it’s got a little story here they’ve got video demonstrations claim your free click make it make a video breast so they have video marketing in here they have testimonials so that’s something you’re gonna want to do so that’s this is all stuff again.

So that’s what you want to do is just go and Clickbank choose your niche and whatever niche you’re in right look at the copy of what these top products that are already making tons and tons and tons of money do what they do okay model how their how their stuff exactly works again do their copywriting see what sells see what doesn’t sell okay so the next thing I use it’s another tool so Clickbank is completely free next tools

Using Build Roll as Reference

I’m sure you guys have heard it but it’s a tool I use it’s called build roll but basically what they have is two different things game one you can look at all their different funnels.

Basically this is like a funnel builder kind of like click funnels all they do email marketing stuff like this but they actually have if you go into their apps right here okay but yeah I actually do have a link it’s they’ll give you a seven day free trial if you want to check it out but anyways you have a script generator right here if you go into the apps script generator okay this tool is pretty cool something

I’ve been using recently but if you go ahead and go into generate script okay basically what it does is it gives you ideas for scripts for email marketing headlines webinar scripts all that different stuff so right here you just pick your niche right.

Let’s say we’re in health and fitness okay that’s a popular niche right and you want to look at all the different scripts that they provide for you

So let’s say headline scripts okay so you click on here and let’s just do email subject scripts alright so this is what you put in your email subject online so as you can see they give you all this different stuff right.

Following Writise

They got how to the biggest mistakes make number number of ways to here’s an open letters for the absolute best way to number of ways to improve your number of ways sneaky tricks to improve your fitness you know so they’re just giving you basic templates and this stuff is actually like tested so let’s go ahead and go into let’s see email scripts kay so lead magnet welcoming email okay so maybe you’re a little confused on what to actually put your first email okay so welcome board let’s get you started.

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