seo vs social media

SEO vs Social Media

Most layman just view search engine optimization (SEO) as just a way to get customers from Google and social media as a way of getting likes or something to that effect on social media platform such as Facebook or YouTube.

However, there is a fundamental difference between whether a SEO or social media strategy is more suitable for your business and not every business will benefit from doing both – here’s the odd reason why.

Use SEO for “Generic” or “embarrassing” products/services and use social media for products/services which require branding

Of course, there are businesses which encompass both, but for now, let’s target them one by one.

Businesses which require SEO:

You may need SEO to get to the front of your prospects

1) If you are a business which is in a near perfect competition market, for example you are a reseller of phone cases, and everyone offers similar designs and within a certain price range, it is difficult to actually differentiate yourself. In such a market, where people care less about branding (e.g. there is only so much more quality it can offer) and more about prices, you may want to get yourself SEO and appear on the top pages of Google.

If your product/service may make others shy, SEO is a better choice than social media marketing

2) If you are a business which is more ‘sensitive’ in nature. E.g. you are a plastic surgeon, your clients may not necessarily feel comfortable admitting publicly that he or she has gone through cosmetic surgery, so they may search on Google for good plastic surgeons versus asking their friends and family for referrals. Also, if you are a business that sells ‘Adult’ stuff, you may want to look into SEO because most people feel that such toys are pretty private and do not want to share with the world (friends and family) that they are using them.

Business which social media will benefit:

There are other types of businesses which are suitable for social media marketing.

Imagine this, if you’re the type of business where people are not afraid to publicly admit they like your company, then social media is a great choice. Especially if for example you are a business through which people make a buying decision based on brand, then you want a super strong social media presence – e.g. Louis Vuitton and Rolls Royce.

People make such purchases based on brand recognition and not ‘branded handbags with boxes as design’ or ‘car which is super expensive and royal’.

The key to deciding whether SEO, social media or both are suitable for your business, you need to first understand your business and customer psychology online.

Both of which leads to Inbound Marketing. If you are not sure, view this video below.